Fathers Rights

Fathers Rights

How Important Is Fatherhood?

Nearly 24 million U.S. children (34 percent) live absent their biological fathers. Children living without the presence and guidance of their fathers are, on average, two to three times more likely to live in poverty, to use drugs, to be victims of child abuse, to engage in criminal behavior, to struggle in school, and to experience health, emotional and behavioral problems.

To improve the well-being of New York's children, we must restore fatherhood as a societal norm in our communities. The statistics from countless studies show that children benefit from the institution of marriage and even from being raised by two unwed parents. In the context of divorce, custody and paternity, we must reinforce the proven advantages for children when their dads are granted continued and equalized involvement. The New York Lawyers Team is wholeheartedly committed to these ideals in our philosophy and practice of family law.

Proven Advocates In A System That Devalues Dads

Even now, years after official presumptions against fathers have been purged from statute books across the United States, dads still face daunting challenges in court proceedings involving children. If you are seeking sole or even joint custody, you may face a tough fight in a court system that seems all too willing to be swayed by outdated gender norms.

Our New York Lawyers Team has a demonstrated record of success on behalf of fathers in custody disputes arising in divorce proceedings or paternity cases in related matters such as domestic violence protection orders, and in post-decree matters such as parent relocation or modification or enforcement of child support orders.

Your situation may seem bleak, especially when you are being badmouthed by the mother, admonished by the judge or unfairly accused of posing a threat to your own child. But there is hope when you have a true fathers' rights advocate on your side. We will give you the tools to fight for your parental rights and to remain a positive and influential presence in the lives of your children.

We Proudly Help Fathers Fighting For Their Children

New York Lawyers Team has taken a special interest in this important legal and social justice issues. We have distinguished ourselves as a pioneer in the movement and is regularly sought out nationwide as a leading authority on fathers' rights. Fighting for fathers has become a passion and a mission for our entire legal team. Our reputation for highest quality of advocacy and representation makes us the ideal choice for fathers in New York and throughout the United States to overcome the very real challenges they face in court in custody-related matters.

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