New York Contract Dispute Attorneys

It is natural for companies to have contractual disputes at some point in a business relationship. While disagreements may at some level be unavoidable, these issues must be addressed in order to minimize negative consequences. The earlier your company enlists the services of experienced legal counsel, the more options you will have to successfully resolve these matters.

From our offices in New York and throughout New York state, the attorneys and staff at the New York Lawyers Team have substantive experience serving businesses engaged in contract disputes. Our New York contract dispute lawyers have the experience and industry-specific knowledge necessary to effectively protect our clients' interests.

New York Breach Of Contract Lawyers

Our business litigation practice involves all types of agreements, including:

  • Commercial or management services agreements
  • Supplier agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Noncompete agreements and other employment-related contracts
  • Licensing agreements
  • Operating agreements

Whatever the contract involves, we will examine the terms and conditions of the agreement in order to determine each party's rights and obligations. Our primary concern in any type of litigation is to create a resolution that aligns with our clients' legal and business goals. Whenever possible, we seek to resolve these matters through negotiations or alternative forms of dispute resolution. If litigation is the only way to resolve the matter at hand, we will be fully prepared to advance your interests in the courtroom.

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