Employment & Discrimination

Employment & Discrimination

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If you are being discriminated on by an employer, or you feel you have unfairly lost your job, Contact us today. Employment & Discrimination areas we specalize in include:

Employment Discrimination Attorney New York

While the target of employment discrimination knows when it is occurring, it takes a skilled litigator to find and present objective proof that it has occurred. Employees can be treated unfairly based on a number of characteristics. Employers can discriminate on age, disability, race, sexual orientation, national origin, pregnancy, religion and gender. Creating a "glass ceiling" to stall out promotions at a middle level is also a form of discrimination. New York Lawyers Team has the resources and experience to get results that meet your goals.

Our employee rights attorneys are dedicated to protecting the livelihood of individuals who face discrimination in the workplace. Contact us today to learn more about your legal options.

Employment discrimination in the private sector

Employment discrimination can take many forms. Whether you were fired from your job without just cause or you were denied a promotion because of pregnancy or race, you have the right to challenge the actions of your employer. Our firm protects the rights of employees who suffer discrimination in the private sector. In addition to assisting victims of civil rights violations, we are also experienced in cases of retaliation or discrimination for whistleblowing after a report of sexual harassment or wrongdoing. We can effectively file a complaint with your local office of human rights.

We will work to resolve your dispute quickly and discreetly and will settle where possible — but we are prepared to take any case to court. Our aggressive litigation team is dedicated to protecting your legal rights.

Employment discrimination for federal employees

Federal employees are afforded numerous protections against discrimination that are not available to employees in the private sector. If you have received a proposed reprimand suspension, removal or other form of discipline we will work to challenge the allegations against you and identify any illegal discrimination. We will take the time to prepare a response, using evidence to reverse the decision of the government entity. In the event that a decision is entered against you, we are prepared to appeal your case. Our primary goal is to arrive at a fair and just settlement of the issue, usually by preventing disciplinary action, suspension or removal, but sometimes also working to recover your lost wages.

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