Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination in New York

New York, Wrongful Termination Lawyer Any legal action against an employer requires a comprehensive understanding of complex state and federal laws. When you are facing a complicated employment dispute, you need trusted and experienced legal service. At New York Lawyers Team our firm has over 20 years of experience asserting the rights of employees who have suffered wrongful termination.

If you were illegally fired without just cause, our experienced employee rights attorney will aggressively pursue legal action against your employer. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

In most instances, employers are able to fire employees with or without cause. However, there are some circumstances under which firing an employee constitutes wrongful termination, giving the employee the right to sue the employer for damages and lost wages.

A wrongful termination case may arise where:

  • An employee is terminated because of unlawful discrimination for gender, race, age, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or a disability
  • An employee is terminated in retaliation for taking certain action such as reporting sexual harassment or other wrongdoing
  • An employee is demoted or is treated in a way that creates a hostile work environment that forces the employee to quit

Any of these actions allow employees to bring wrongful discharge or wrongful termination legal actions against an employer. Cases of wrongful termination can often become the employer's word against the employee's. It takes a skillful New York attorney to expose the underlying motivation for the termination. We will contact witnesses, review any prior disciplinary actions, assess your prior work history and create a compelling claim to challenge your termination.

Do the reasons for firing you seem unjustified?

Many wrongful termination cases arise where an employee feels that they were unjustifiably terminated from their position. You may not have been given good reason for your termination and believe that it was related to your disability or your age.

Wrongful Termination of Federal Employees in New York

Federal employees enjoy more protection than private sector employees from discriminatory actions, including wrongful termination. If you are a federal employee and you have been terminated, contact our experienced lawyer for a free case evaluation about the disciplinary action taken against you. We may be able to appeal any decision made against you.

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