Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

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If you are charged with a crime — including state and federal crimes, New York Lawyers Team can assist you with mounting an effective defense. Criminal crimes can include criminal acts that include:

New York Lawyers Team is made up of state and federal defense attorneys, and has significant experience with grand jury proceedings along with a deep knowledge of legal issues related to criminal defense in state court and federal court. A variety of criminal cases are heard in state court and federal court, including:

  • Drug offenses including trafficking and distribution.
  • Securities fraud, insider trading and other violations of antitrust laws.
  • Government fraud, including Medicare fraud and tax evasion.
  • Organized crime, including money laundering and extortion.

Defending federal cases differs in several important ways, and state and federal defense attorneys must have a thorough understanding of relevant laws. In addition, state and federal defense attorneys must understand the differences in state and federal sentencing guidelines and their potentially varying penalties.

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