Bankruptcy & Foreclosure

Bankruptcy & Foreclosure

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Do You Need Help With Debt?

Are you having financial difficulties? Are you struggling through hard times, unable to pay your bills as they come due or facing foreclosure? Are you in fear of losing your car or your home because your debt has gotten out of control?

Let New York Lawyers Team Take Care of Your Family.

Have You Considered Bankruptcy?

The New York bankruptcy attorneys at New York Lawyers Team specialize in helping individuals and married couples through their financial crises. Our bankruptcy law firm handles more personal bankruptcy cases than any other law firm in New York. Bankruptcy cases are complex and require a careful and attentive approach; we handle each case with a high level of detail and personal attention to ensure that our clients’ bankruptcy process is as smooth as possible.

Our Law Firm Can Help You

Bankruptcy process is complex. Bankruptcy can offer individuals and families an opportunity to resolve their debt and possibly to reorganize their finances in order to better afford their home. When you file a bankruptcy case, your financial future is on the line, and having your case done right from start to finish is critical. Our lawyers have been helping people just like you solve serious debt problems throughout South Jersey since 1985. Our attorneys can help you take full advantage of federal bankruptcy laws to:

  • Stop foreclosures and sheriff sales and save your house
  • Use NY bankruptcy exemption laws to protect your property
  • Save your car from repossession
  • Stop all collection activity, including phone calls, letters, lawsuits, wage garnishments and bank account garnishments
  • Reduce or eliminate some or all of your debt, including credit card debt, medical bills, personal loan debt, judgments, utilities and even certain income taxes and gambling debt
  • Stop IRS penalties from accruing and repay certain income taxes in full at fixed interest rates
  • Stop eviction
  • Stop property tax sales and repay outstanding association or condo fees
  • Payday loan settlement
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New York Lawyers Team cares about you and your family, and we want to help you get debt relief now. Our attorneys can review your financial situation and assess how bankruptcy can help you get out from under your pile of debt and obtain the fresh start you desperately need. Let our family help your family keep more of what you have worked so hard to achieve.

We Offer Free, No Obligation Consultations

Our consultations are absolutely free, and affordable payment plans are available for our bankruptcy attorney fees. With offices throughout New York state, we have an office close to you. New York Lawyers Team is your first choice for relief from serious debt – call now.

New York Lawyers Team Second Annual Student Loan Scholarship

As a law firm that helps families rebuild their financial lives, we routinely encounter clients who are burdened by student loan debt. The current state of the law does not usually allow student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy. In order to ease some of the burden on students who are paying their own way through law school with loans, we’re proud to offer the annual Law School Student Loan Scholarship of $2,250 to a law student. If you are a law student interested in applying for the scholarship, please visit this page to learn more about eligibility.

Let our New York Bankruptcy Attorneys help you to:

  • Stop foreclosure on your home
  • Save your car from repossession
  • Stop wage garnishment
  • Stop collection phone calls
  • Lower or eliminate your medical bills, credit card debts and judgments
  • Get your license back if suspended for unpaid surcharges
  • Get relief from unpaid income taxes
  • Stop eviction

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