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The decision to divorce, or the knowledge that your spouse wants to divorce, is usually not an easy realization. The life that you know will change. You may have to move to a different home. You may not see your children as often as you are accustomed. These scenarios can sound problematic and scary. The attorneys at New York Lawyers Team are here to help you through the difficulties, the decisions and the negotiations that are involved in ending your marriage. We are here to see you through to a solid, enduring and favorable future.

If you have decided to divorce, or your divorce has been delayed by a dispute over a specialized child custody issue, or you cannot come to an agreement with your spouse over property division in Albany — you could benefit from the legal knowledge and guidance of a skilled family law attorney. Know that you are not alone if you are experiencing these problems.

Very few people can get through a divorce without some level of complexity. Our Albany law firm handles highly complex divorce and same-sex marriage divorce issues. We have extensive knowledge in the many types of disagreements and delays that can occur. We have tried-and-true tactics for helping clients in Albany through these difficulties

In Albany, New York Lawyers Team is an experienced family law group that will protect your rights — and your investment in your future, and that of your child. At New York Lawyers Team We devote the entirety of our law practice to divorce and family law.

Our Albany group excel as negotiators for matters that can be worked out in discussions behind the scenes, and as aggressive litigator when a dispute must be resolved in a courtroom. We bring a track record of success to resolve your unique circumstance. Contact us to learn more about our credentials and backgrounds.

We listen carefully to your wishes and goals, respond with realistic assessments and honest answers to your questions, and offer maximum access to our law firm's expertise throughout the legal process.

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